Title Author Date ISBN
The Turner Prize and British Art Katharine Stout 2008 1854377426
Shakespeare?s Sonnets: A Modern Edition, with Prose Versions, Introduction and Notes William Shakespeare 1984 333363876
The Tate Gallery, an illustrated companion N / A 1985 946590036
Critique of Dialectical Reason, Vol. 1: Theory of Practical Ensembles Jean-Paul Sartre 1984 860917576
Alienation: Marxs Conception of Man in Capitalist Society (Cambridge Studies in the History and Theory of Politics) Bertell Ollman 1971 521098130
Daily Youth Bible - New Testament: New Century Version (Bible Ncv) 2004 1860244548
Marxism and Freedom from 1776 Until Today Raya Dunayevskaya 1989 231069359
The Ego And Its Own: The Case Of The Individual Against Authority Max Stirner 1993 946061009
Political sociology T. B Bottomore 1979 91389208
The Fall Albert Camus 1970 9780140017625
Exile and the Kingdom (Penguin Modern Classics) Albert Camus 1970 140018654
Cherie and The Last of Cherie (Modern Classics) Colette 1974 140010203
Complete Works William Shakespeare 1983 946470022
Voters, parties and leaders: The social fabric of British politics (Pelican books) Jean Blondel 1974 140206388
Nebula Award Stories: v. 8 Isaac Asimov 1975 586040803
William Hazlitt Selected Writings (Penguin classics) Ronald Blythe 1993 140430504
The Borgias Michael Mallett 1987 058608049X
The Portable Greek Historians: The Essence of Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon, Polybius (Viking Portable Library) M. I. Finley 1977 014015065X
The Revenge of the Philistines: Art and Culture, 1972-84 Hilton Kramer 1986 436236877
The Secret House Of Death Ruth Rendell 1982 99286602
Hist?ria De Portugal 3.? Edi? Albert-Alain Bourdon 2016 9898811161
Train de nuit pour Lisbonne Pascal Mercier 2010 2264045817
Napoleons Saint Helena Gilbert Martineau 1968 719518210
The First Wives Club Olivia Goldsmith 1996 749336552
Salvage Jacky Gillott 1971 014003272X
Nana (Penguin Classics) ?mile Zola 1972 9780140442632
Under Milk Wood - A Play For Voices Dylan Thomas 1972 460020056
Kants Life and Thought Ernst Cassirer 1983 300029829
From the many to the one: A study of personality and views of human nature in the context of ancient Greek society, values and beliefs (Ideas of human nature series) A. W. H Adkins 1970 94560803
Anarchism and Anarcho-Syndicalism Rudolf Rocker 1988 090038445X
Selected Writings: Essays, 1649-50 Gerrard Winstanley 1989 948518405
EARTH, MOON AND PLANETS (PELICAN) Fred L. Whipple 1971 140210253
The Universe (Pelican) Asimov, Isaac Isaac Asimov 1971 140212124
John Hedgecoes Photography Basics John Hedgecoe 1996 806903767
Haunted Liverpool 7 Thomas Slemen 2003 1904438075
Forbidden Fruit: From the Letters of Abelard and Heloise (Penguin Great Loves) Heloise 2007 141032774
Penguin Great Loves Of Mistresses Tigresses And Other Conquest Giacomo Casanova 2007 141032790
Doomed Love (Penguin Great Loves) Virgil 2007 141032766
Brodies Notes on William Shakespeares Twelfth Night (Pan Study Aids) Norman T. Carrington 1976 330500066
False Value (Rivers of London) Ben Aaronovitch 2021 075641136X
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl Jesse Andrews 2015 1760290459
The Devils of Loudun Aldous Huxley 1977 586044426
Catherine Cookson The Mallen Girl 1977 552098965
The Best of Isaac Asimov 1939-1949 Isaac; Wells Asimov, Angus 1975 722112564
The Book Of Mexican Foods Christine Barrett 1991 1856131106
THE BOOK OF SOUPS Lorna Rhodes 1989 185613105X
Book of Curries and Indian Foods, The Linda Fraser 1989 1856131750
Mobius Trip William Garner 1979 340233125
Caught by Keating Frank Keating 1979 233971858
The Rachel Papers Martin Amis 1973 224009125
Cold Light Jenn Ashworth 2012 1444707760
Oedipus and Akhnaton: Myth and History (Abacus Books) Immanuel Velikovsky 1980 349135665
Testament of Youth Vera Brittain 1979 9780006357032
One Hundred Years of Solitude (Modern Classics) Gabriel Garc?a M?rquez 1983 140035249
The Brigadier; The Story of a Brigadier Gerard John Hislop 352398140
Testament of Friendship Vera Brittain 1981 6363539
My Uncle Oswald Roald Dahl 1980 140055770
Switch Bitch: The "Visitor", The "Great Switcheroo", The "Last Act", "Bitch" Roald Dahl 1977 140041796
Memoirs Of A Mangy Lover Groucho Marx 1975 860071421
The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar And Six More Roald Dahl 1979 140471405
The Early Asimov ; Or, Eleven Years of Trying: Vol.2 (Panther Science Fiction) Isaac Asimov 1974 586039368
Rites of Passage William Golding 1982 571117880
Terra Nostra Carlos Fuentes 1979 140049223
The Rebel Albert Camus 1973 140033289
Omnibus: "Edible Woman", "Surfacing", "Lady Oracle" Margaret Atwood 1987 233981861
The Oxford Companion to British History (Oxford Companions) John Cannon 2015 199677832
Couples John Updike 1975 140029443
Up, into the Singing Mountain Llewellyn Richard 1976 450029174
A Rose for Winter Laurie Lee 1973 014003319X
The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B. J. P. Donleavy 1974 140030565
The Middle Ground Margaret Drabble 1982 140057455
Three Men in a Boat: To Say Nothing of the Dog! Jerome K Jerome 1973 140012133
The Realms of Gold Margaret Drabble 1977 140043608
Movements in Art Since 1945: Issues and Concepts (World of Art) Edward Lucie-Smith 1995 500202826
Cutting Humour "Private Eye" 1993 552141798
Grandmasters of Chess Harold C. Schonberg 1975 6336183
The Last Best Friend George Sims 1971 014003238X
101 Best Card Games for Children (Piccolo Books) 330027964
The Big Knockover and Other Stories Dashiell Hammett 1981 140029419
Mary Curzon Nigel Nicolson 1978 708814158
Nosferatu: The Vampyre Paul Monette 1979 330259296
Darwins Forgotten World R. & S.A. Thompson Lewin 1978 861240162
Introduction to Archaeology (A Hyperion book) David Miles 1978 706357256
A Companion to Roman Britain Peter A. Clayton 1980 714820318
Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Edward Gibbon 1980 861240227
Back Page United Stephen F. Kelly 1994
Yesterdays Spy Len Deighton 1975 224011251
Collins History of the World in Twentieth Century J. A. S. Grenville 1994 2551691
A Prime Minister on Prime Ministers / Harold Wilson Harold (1916-1995) Wilson 1977
Alexanders Path: From Caria to Cilicia (Travellers S.) Freya Stark 1984 712604804
With Great Pleasure Alec Reid 1988 91736145
Mussolini and Italy (Modern Times) C. C. Jardine 1980 582204267
Forever Amber: v. 1 Kathleen Winsor 1971 552084816
The Empty Space (Penguin literary criticism) Peter Brook 1976 140214151
The Explorer W. Somerset Maugham 1969 140029060
Death in Venice Thomas Mann 1974 140032428
A Few Little Lies 1998
Hopjoy Was Here (Flaxborough chronicles/Colin Watson) Colin Watson 1977 041701810X
Billy Liar (Penguin Essentials) Keith Waterhouse 1973 140017836
Love in a Cold Climate Nancy Mitford 1980 140056963
Anglo Saxon Attitudes Angus Wilson 1992 140013113
The Misanthrope and Other Plays Moli?re 1978 140440895
Volume 1 - Wesker Trilogy Chicken Soup with Barley Arnold Wesker 014048048X
Little Malcolm and His Struggle Against the Eunuchs David Halliwell 1967 571081673
The Room and the Dumb Waiter (A Methuen Modern Play) Harold Pinter 1966 413303403
The Moon And Sixpence W. Somerset Maugham 1990 749303433
Use Of Lateral Thinking Bono Edward De 1971 140214461
Pygmalion A Romance in Five Acts Bernard Shaw 1985 014048003X
Memoirs Tennessee Williams 1977 352395583
A Bit off the Map and Other Stories Angus Wilson 1978 140023755
Lark Rise to Candleford: A Trilogy - Lark Rise; Over to Candleford; Candleford Green (Modern Classics) Flora Thompson 1973 140036725
Innocent blood. 1981 722151004
SKY OF OUR LIVES Gwyn Thomas 1973 704310457
Sophies Choice 552116106
Common Errors in English Language S. R. Golding 1964 333088018
Pinter a study of his plays Martin Esslin 1978
After Magritte Tom Stoppard 1971 571096573
Every Good Boy Deserves Favour Tom Stoppard 1978 571112250
Death of an Expert Witness P. D. James 1979 722149670
The National Health, Or, Nurse Nortons Affair: A Play in Two Acts (Faber Plays) Peter Nichols 1970 571094902
Jumpers Tom Stoppard 1972 571099785
Travesties Tom Stoppard 1975 571106838
The Affair C. P. Snow 1962
The Masters C. P. Snow 1956
The Light and the Dark C.P.Snow 1962
Homecomings C.P. Snow 1962
Day of the Scorpion Paul Scott 1973 586038728
The Jewel in the Crown Paul Scott 1985 586038779
The Tower of Silence Paul Scott 1978 586038000
A Division of the Spoils the Jewel in the Crown Paul Scott 1975 586043063
Second Fiddle Mary Wesley 1998 552993557
Not That Sort Of Girl Mary Wesley 1988 552993042
A Sensible Life Mary Wesley 1990 055299393X
The Wilt Alternative Tom Sharpe 1981 330263382
Ripley Under Ground Patricia Highsmith 1973 140036024
Something Sweet Something Shocking Something Shocking Something In Disguise Elizabeth Jane Howard 1971
A Farewell to Arms Hemingway 1935
Unnatural Causes 1979 722150431
The Search C.P. Snow 1965
Corridors of Power C.P. Snow 1966
Those Barren Leaves Aldous Huxley 1951
The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck 1951
Tortilla Flat (Penguin Modern Classics) John Steinbeck 1973 140007865
Dragon Slayer: The Story of Beowulf Rosemary Sutcliff 1976 140302549
The Counter Point Aldous Huxley 1955
the eagle has landed Jack Higgins 1976 330246305
East of Eden Steinbeck
Catch 22 Joseph Heller
The Pallisers Anthony Trollope 1974 860070050
Nuestra Tierra Ernestina A.Lopez De Nelson
La Puchera Jose Ma de Pereda
Luna De Enrente Jorge Luis Borges
Civilisation by Sir Kenneth Clark (1969-11-06)
Don Segundo Sombra (The Commonwealth and international library. Pergamon Oxford Latin-American series) (Spanish Edition) Ricardo Gu?iraldes 1973 80170099
Cavaliers and Roundheads (Then & There) Eleanor Imelda Murphy 058220402X
Garlic (A Book of Recipes Series) Lorenz Books 1996 1859672426
A CRICKETERS COMPANION Christopher by Martin-Jenkins 1990 1852911123
The Ideal Place (Paper Only) (Art and Design Profiles) Nicola Kearton 1995 1854902253
The Spirit of Cricket: A Personal Anthology Christopher Martin-Jenkins 1994 057117079X
Heartstone (The Fifth in the Shardlake Series) C. J. Sansom 2010 9781405092739
Wisden Anthology 1963-1982 (Wisden Anthologies) Benny Green 1983 356093794
A Kestrel for a Knave Barry Hines 2000 141184981
The Catcher in the Rye J. D. Salinger 2010 241950430
Bird Box Josh Malerman 2001 7529902
Hard Times (Wordsworth Classics) Charles Dickens 1995 9781853262326
Hard Times (Wordsworth Classics) Charles Dickens 1995 9781853262326
Hard Times (Wordsworth Classics) Charles Dickens 1995 9781853262326
Food for Friends (Tesco Lifestyle Collection)
The Studio - High Art and Low Life: The Studio and the Fin de Siecle Michael (ed) Spens 1993
John Constables Correspondence: The Family at East Bergholt 1807-1837 R Beckett 1962
Lady Windermeres Fan Oscar Wilde 2015 151505862X
Vladivostok John Hejduk 1989 847811301
The End of the Affair (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) Graham Greene 2004 142437980
The Clown Heinrich B?ll 1973 714509647
Thomas Gage in Spanish America (Great Travellers) Norman Newton 1969 057108799X
Portrait of Artist As Young Girl John Quinn 1911 749308648
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe Douglas Adams 2001 9780330262132
Bon Appetit! (Travels with Knife, Fork & Corkscrew Through France) Peter Mayle 2002 075153269X
Clive James: Unreliable Memoirs (Picador Edition) 033026463X
Poor Mouth (Picador Books) Flann O'Brien 1975 330245848
Our Man in Havana Graham Greene 2007 142438006
Trumpet Major Thomas Hardy 1974 333168798
The Mayor of Casterbridge Thomas Hardy 1982 333334035
Don Camillo Meets Hells Angels Giovanni Guareschi 1974 140035400
Tess of the dUrbervilles: A pure woman (His The new Wessex edition) Thomas Hardy 1974 333168852
Jude the Obscure (Macmillan Paperback) Thomas Hardy 1974 333168860
Barnaby Conrads Encyclopedia of Bullfighting Barnaby Conrad 1961
Under the Greenwood Tree (Wordsworth Collection) Thomas Hardy 1998 1853262277
THE COMEDIANS By GRAHAM GREENE 1966 First Edition Graham Greene 1966
May We Borrow Your Husband?: & Other Comedies of the Sexual Life Graham Greene 2018
The Glittering Prizes Frederic Raphael 2020
Worlds in Collision (Abacus Books) Immanuel Velikovsky 1972 349135738
Oxbridge Blues Frederic Raphael 1984 140072349
[The Fortunate Pilgrim] [by: Mario Puzo]
In hiding;: The life of Manuel Cortes Ronald Fraser 1972 713902809
Good Morning, Midnight Jean Rhys 1975 140029613